Blue Rabbit
San Francisco's Blue Rabbit is an eight-piece piece multi-instrumental and vocal ensemble that fuses alternative indie pop with baroque elements, modern rhythms, and a hint of cabaret. Fronted by a close-harmony singing trio, grounded by intricate drum and cello grooves, and adorned with the syncopated pulsing of a Celtic harp, Blue Rabbit has been described as “The Andrews Sisters playing with Portishead,” or “Nick Cave songs with a touch of The Supremes.” Blue Rabbit’s lyrical imagery and haunting, minor-key melodies evoke a sense of magical melancholy akin to that of UK contemporary, Bat for Lashes. However, their penchant for counter-melodies, atypical time signatures, and Kurt Weill-like chord progressions, sets them apart and lends their sound a timeless, theatrical appeal.

Springing from the imagination of singer-songwriter, Heather Anderson, Blue Rabbit existed first in 2005 as an experimental drums and vocal duo. Since auditioning the rest of the crew and debuting live in 2006, Blue Rabbit has gigged relentlessly – moving quickly from playing house parties to selling out ticketed events. They’ve performed with artists such as Emily Jane White, Coal Beautiere, Chelsey Wolfe, Beat Beat Whisper, with members of Built for the Sea, the (former) Dance Hall Crashers, and in festivals with SambaDa, Bloc Party, The Ting Tings. Blue Rabbit has performed live on college and community radio stations such as KWMR, KDVS, and KOWS. The band has also received multiple awards, including Artist of the Month on The Deli Magazine SF, and was ranked 3rd most popular indie-pop band in the Bay Area, alongside local darlings, Rogue Wave, Loquat, and Mini-Pop. Since their self-released debut LP ("Separate", Nov 08), “Getting Away” and “Love Secret” have been included on four compilation discs, and “Separate” has been selected for inclusion on the soundtrack of Hollywood feature film, “5000 Seconds”. They are now working with a London producer on the single for their forthcoming sophomore album.

Separate | Released 2008
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California, USA

Musical Styles
Alternative Rock ~ Baroque ~ Cabaret ~ Celtic ~ Experimental ~ Pop

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