KLAXTON is comprised of the crew of the mighty airship of the same name. We made our living entertaining and playing music for the people of the world, inciting revelry wherever we went ! Raising the spirits of all from the lowliest common man, to those at the height of power, with our own brand of Powerful Celtic and Scottish Music!

One day, while en route to London for a command performance before Her Majesty the Queen, we encountered a massive thunder storm! Tragedy struck in an instant with a blinding flash of lightning and deafening clap of thunder! Within seconds we realized that the main gas bag had been torn asunder, and we were descending at an alarming rate! With almost no time to react we were forced to leap from our mighty ship just before she hit the ground in a huge ball of flame!

The next morning when the fire had died and the wreckage cooled ,we surveyed the crash site. We were devastated to find that the rear storage locker (that was employed to store all of our musical instruments) had been completely destroyed ! We were utterly crest fallen to realize that not only had we lost the ship that had been home for so many years, but we had also lost the tools of our trade !!

It was at that moment when things seemed darkest that one of the crew began to absentmindedly tap out a rhythm on one of the great ships boilers! Inspiration struck like another bolt from the blue! Suddenly each member of the crew began to devise a way to create a new instrument using the remnants of the ship herself ! Scraps of her gas bag were sewn and combined with pieces of the ships plumbing to create pipes! Her main boiler became The Great Steam Drum!,and once again

Music filled the air !! It was with sadness that we left behind what was left of the great ship that had sheltered us for so long. That sadness was however tempered with faith,the faith that her legacy would continue, continue in the sound and fury that is KLAXTON !


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