Many have speculated on who Vourteque is. Its unclear who these many are, but its fairly well established somewhere that they exist. Further information on this subject is presently being withheld by a shadowy cabal of eastern European government agents.

He has many names. The Lord Baron, Joseph C.R. Vourteque, Joe Vor-Tech, Joe Rovner, Cracky McStevens and for some reason people think hes Captain T. Captain too.

Back in 1999, when people had money and club drugs were only kind of illegal, Vourteque (or Vor-Tech as he was known back then), got his start as a promoter at infamous New York super club The Tunnel. Learning the ropes of all things DJ and event related, Vourteque went on to produce many successful; and not so successful; events and shows in New York City and Brooklyn.

By the early 2000s Vourteque had DJed throughout New York, the east coast and the Midwest, having played shows for the likes of Larry Tee, Drop Bass Network, Fischerspooner, Vito Fun, and Dysco Noir. All the while he honed his skills as a producer, doing remixes for the likes of David Barrett, aka Yellow Note, Houston Bernard, and an unofficial hardcore break-beat remix of Bikini Kills Rebel Girl.

In 2004, Vourteque decided to move to Chicago because half of his family lived there, and rent is REALLY REALLY cheap compared to NYC. He continued to DJ and produce, working with local producer/DJ-Mr. Automatic, on the band The Image Front while throwing pretty obviously illegal parties in his basement that seconded as a nightclub known as The Velvet Elvis. In 2007 he joined up with DJ Fatboy and became part of rave-banger DJ group The BBK where he produced tracks such as Gas Bill and Dirty Car. He also did unofficial remix work for Lady Gaga that a whole lot of people liked and so now its semi-unofficial remix work.

In 2008, Vourteque became enamored of steampunk and working with Sam Flint created Steampunk Chicago. From there hes produced many large-scale events such as The Carnivale Delirium and The Clockwork Vaudeville series. Hes also done remix work for the likes of The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing, The Clockwork Dolls, and Unwoman. Hes DJed throughout the eastern half of the United States and can be found at some of North Americas largest steampunk and circus-punk events including but not limited to New Yorks Anachronism, Detroits Theatre Bizarre, Madisons Tesla-Con, St. Louiss Beggars Carnivale, and North Carolinas ConTemporal.

This September hes to unleash his very first release onto the world, The Swing Mechanical, an EP that coalesces his loves of the anachronistic, the hard and the dark into an awesome seething& er& something of seething awesomeness.

Truly it is the berries.

Mmm, delicious berries.

The Swing Mechanical | Released 2012
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