Fantastic February Fundraisers!
by Mark Rossmore
A little generosity can make a lot of music happen. Check out the latest fundraisers from some terrific steampunk artists.

The Cog is Dead
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The Nathaniel Johnstone Band
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 So, here's a forecast: 2015 is going to be another great year for steampunk music. There are some new releases coming down the pipe that look so very cool. And that's where the community can lend a hand.

The vast majority of steampunk artists are independent. No huge label conglomerate to back them up. No eleventy skillion dollar promotional and production budgets. But, you know what? They don't need that. They have something far more potent and powerful: YOU. 

Some of the biggest artists in steampunk are running fundraisers right now for new projects, and they've got lovely wares and rewards to give away to those with generosity aplenty. There are rewards available that are suitable for any budget.

Even if you don't have the funds to help them out, share their projects amongst your circles and help get the word out. These bands make some sweet music, and there are apparently--shockingly!--some people out there that haven't heard it yet. Help change that!

P.S. If you've got a steampunk music fundraiser going on that's not listed here, please shoot us an e-mail message at media AT and we'll add you to the list!




Nathaniel Johnstone and Alyssa Rosenbloom. 

Project: Any Moment Now, an original new musical featuring Jody Ellen, Dogwood, Unwoman, and Good Company's Jake Sele. 

Web Site: Click Here

Nathaniel Johnstone (Nathaniel Johnstone Band, formerly of Abney Park) is renowned for his musicianship and sonic versatility. Dr. Alyssa Rosenbloom (Behind the Steam) is a brilliant wordsmith and lyricist. Their partnership has already been central to two amazing releases: the fairy tale-themed Narratives and the steampunk mythology epic The Antikythera Mechanism . Now, they've written a musical!

Following their successful collaboration on the Antikythera Mechanism, Nathaniel and Alyssa decided to go all Rodgers and Hammerstein, or in this case, Johnstone & Rosenbloom, and embark on a quest of epic proportions:  to write a musical…..I know…we’ve questioned our sanity several times….  

However, never ones to turn down crazy ideas, we have spent the last year doing just that!  Nathaniel wanted time travel and robots.  Alyssa looked for human drama.   The result is Any Moment Now:  a story of love, loss, assassins, devious villains, time travel, and butterflies.




The Cog is Dead

Project: Live Concert CD and DVD production

Fundraiser Link: Click Here

Captain John Sprocket and his faithful crew have delivered enjoyable concert performances across the country, featuring their eclectic, narrative music. (I was lucky to catch them myself this past Fall at Atlanta's Dragon Con .) Now, they're set on capturing their full-on concert experience.


YOU can help us create this ambitious CONCERT MOVIE and LIVE ALBUM, and gain amazing prizes INCLUDING some of our personal instruments and YOUR OWN SONG. Click here to check out all the prizes and donate:





Project: Electro Swing Album

Web Site: Click Here

One of the best electro-swing DJs and performers out there, Vourteque's delivers some sleek, industrial-laced dance music yanks audiences onto their feet and gets them moving. Now he's crafting a huge collaborative album featuring a pile of steampunk music luminaries.


The Iron & Jazz Age is a musical neo-vintage journey through a world that could both be and could have been. It fuses swing with house, electro with big band, blues with industrial, gospel with techno and much more. It features original works, covers and collaborations with some of my favorite musicians and artists.  

Such guests on the album include Professor Elemental, Sabrina Chap, Sean Guinan of Candy Town, Carey Rayburn of Good Company, Joe Harbison & Alex Johns of Ford Theatre Reunion, Eli August, Allison Curval of The Clockwork Dolls, Kyle Greer, Juan Martinez, Mr. Automatic and others!


Author Bio: Mark Rossmore
Mark Rossmore has released three atmospheric albums of steampunk-inspired music as Escape the Clouds. A multimedia artist who enjoys telling dramatic stories, he has self-produced three acclaimed music videos and is a published author of steampunk short fiction, aviation articles, and music-related non-fiction. Learn more about his music, videos, and writing at: .

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