Thee Hobo Gobbelins
Prepare yourself, puny humans, for the unstoppable onslaught of Thee Hobo Gobbelins! From the labyrinthine tunnels of the World Below comes a horrific steampunk hoedown that goes straight for the jug… ular!

Thee Hobo Gobbelins emerge from the pulsing art vortex of Oakland, Ca., the green-skinned child of punk rock, avant-garde performance art and hobo soul. Drawing on a dizzying array of influences, the band incorporates traditional sounds of Americana and the Old World with the horrors of modernity. Monsters from folklore and fiction wriggle alongside freight-train spirituals and drinking songs. The result is a disturbing haunted house for the ear, a nightmare carnival that is at turns goofy and murderous. Human audiences drink more, dance better, and writhe uncontrollably to goblin beatings- er, beats. Incidentally, audience is the goblin word for “food that screams”.

Since 2003, Thee Hobo Gobbelins have been performing in the San Francisco Bay Area, building up a devoted fan base that with each passing show increasingly resembles a ragtag army of monsters. The band’s vaudevillian theatrics are contagious, inviting audience participation and singalongs. Aided by word of mouth, the DIY release of their 2009 effort Deep Ones and rabid Internet play, Thee Hobo Gobbelins have become cult favorites in the Bay Area’s artist communities and in the burgeoning circus underground. With their no-frills setup and flexibility, they have brought their controlled chaos to rock clubs, festivals, raves, demonstrations, and front porches. The Gobbelins have also taken to the road several times, delighting audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Some of the acts the Hobo Gobbelins have performed with in the recent past include: March Fourth Marching Band, Pansy Division, Buckethead, God’s Favorite Beefcake, Titanium Sporkestra Marching Band, Humanwine, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, Moe!Kestra, The 999 Eyes Freak Show, Country Joe McDonald, Gooferman, Baby Gramps, Sour Mash Hug Band, The Slow Poisoner, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Gamelon X, Esmerelda Strange, I Yearn 4 Maiden, The Life-Size Mousetrap, The Fucking Buckaroos, That Damned Band, Mad Juana, Mark Growden, Onkel Woland & The Black Forest Menagerie, Jason Webley, Extra Action Marching Band, Alex Koll, Wealthy Whores Entertainment, The Jug Dealers, The Underworld Opera Co. Circus & Variety Show, Blackbird Raum, Di Nigunim, Corpus Callosum, and New Earth Creeps.

Venues and events the band has played include: Maker Faire, All Hallows Fantasy Faire (Sonora, CA) Fat City (SF), Amnesia Bar (SF), Cotati Accordion Festival, SOMArts Cultural Center, 924 Gilman (Berkeley), Ashkenaz (Berkeley), KALX FM radio (Berkeley) Starry Plough (Berkeley), NIMBY Space (Oakland), Oakland Metro Opera House (Oakland, CA), Uptown Nightclub (Oakland), Phoenix Theatre (Petaluma, CA), Santa Clara University (Halloween performance), San Francisco State University (Human Rights Summit), High Sierra Music Festival (Quincy, CA), Mr. T’s Bowl (L.A., CA) Burning Man Decompression (S.F., CA).

For booking or press inquiries email: or call (510)691-8152.

Deep Ones | Released 2009
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